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Earth Together


This form will be used to enter your name on a petition for supporting the plan to restore the Giza Plateau Pyramids and Sphinx to their former magnificence.

You could be part of "Earth Together" the exceptional , once in a life time opportunity to restore the Last Remaining Wonders of the Ancient World.

Restoration would be undertaken with funding from public donations and sponsors from across the World and be facilitated by independent Internationally recognized Architectural and Engineering firms.

Egyptian people will be employed which will bolster their economy. The spin-off benefits would be enormous. The interests of the World community of people to once again see the Pyramids of the Giza Plateau brought back to astounding magnificence will endure for countless generations into the future.

You could be part of History in the making.

Donation Funds would be administered by an Internationally recognized Accounting Firm and by an International Financial Institution.

Simply fill in the following information to register your approval:

Would you be interested in donating towards such a cause?